WH Sends Letter To Media

The White House is mad, like really, really, really mad.

The White House Counsel’s Office had Ian Sams, spokesperson, send a letter to the White House Correspondents Association attacking the media for daring to question the President’s mental abilities.

Sams said that Hur’s comments were “wrong and inappropriate personal comments have distracted from due attention to the substance.”

“Many outlets have reported striking inaccuracies that misrepresent the report’s conclusion about the President, and reporters in the White House Briefing Room have asked questions that include false content or are based on false premises,” Sams wrote.

Translation: This topic is killing us please stop now, we can’t take it anymore.

Then, the White House went into attacking the report as a whole.

Hur’s report was clear, Biden likely committed a crime but his age, memory, and declining health would make prosecution difficult.

Interesting, because the DOJ didn’t take the same approach with some of the people in the photo below who have recently been convicted and looking at possibly a decade in prison.

The activists were charged with the FACE Act which first offense hold a maximum of a year in prison. But the Biden administration also charged the group with “conspiracy against rights” which holds a maximum penalty of 11 years in jail.

So Biden gets a courtesy but not for these conservatives.



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