Libs Have Fuming Response To Fall, Biden Better Get His Talking Points Ready

Liberals around the country after not happy after President Biden took a scary fall during the graduation ceremony at the eUSAF academy.

The President is not a spring chicken and falls at his age can have terrible consequences.

The President was quickly helped to his feet and Biden tried to play it off.

The press rallied and compared him to Carter but the two are not even close (this time).

Axios reporter Alex Thompson revealed that Biden has a lot of top Democrats worried because this time he’s not going to be able to hide in the basement when he hits the campaign trial.

Well known liberal and disgraced former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wrote, “Open the Democrat primaries and debates. This isn’t fair to anyone.”

“Very cool that the media acts like this dude is inevitable and barely covers his primary opponents,” prominent left-wing YouTuber Kyle Kulinski tweeted.

Left-wing journalist Jordan Chariton noted that Biden’s fall is going to turn into a viral campaign commercial once election season gets rolling.

Liberals even started mocking MSNBC…


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