ICYMI: Live Burials, Stolen Teeth Uncovered at Ukraine’s ‘Mini Auschwitz’

War is Hell.  Always has been, and likely always will be. But there are degrees of war just as there are degrees of Hell, with each increasing plateau bringing with it ever more sickening and depraved experiences.

In Ukraine, where Russian Troops have already been known to be committing incredibly heinous atrocities, a recent discovery proves that the worst is yet to come, and it heralds back to the pure evil of World War II.

A stash of gold teeth have been discovered in a village known to Ukrainians as a ‘mini Auschwitz’. The teeth were ripped from prisoners at a Russian torture chamber in the recently liberated Pisky-Radkivski in the eastern Kharkiv region.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has dubbed it a mini-concentration camp as photo evidence indicated dozens of dentures seen in another big plastic box. The Ukrainian police footage says Russian soldiers drove local residents from their homes when they occupied the village and booby-trapped the doors to people’s homes when they left.

And then, even more gruesomely…

A man is then seen in footage saying he was kept in the Russian torture chamber. He shows his wrists and the scars he has to prove it. Other signs suggested Russians had buried their captives alive or abused them, reports The Mirror.

Putin’s war crimes have already spawned over 15,000 individual investigations, but these latest reports make it clear that this number is sure to rise…and perhaps dramatically.


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