Macron Comments In China Raise Eyebrows In The USA

Clearly, what French President Emmanuel Macron just did while in China was to get President Biden’s attention. However, the fact that Macron had to pull this stunt in the first place shows how bad this administration is.

I recently listened to an interview with former CIA agent Andrew Bustamante, who laid out a compelling take on what’s happening in Eastern Europe. Bustamante believes that since the Biden administration destroyed the US economy, he is using the military-industrial complex to keep the economy treading water. As evidence, he said the companies that are doing well right now circulate around the war economy. The former agent also said that if Biden has his way in Ukraine, American companies will get first dibs to rebuild the nation when the conflict ends.

Bustamante added that Biden is playing a dangerous game and cannot allow China to negotiate a peace deal. Should that happen, America could lose its top superpower status because we lose our European influence.

We just gave a very general overview on Bustamante’s point of view and you can watch his comments in context below. We cued the interview up when he talks about Ukraine:

So what does this have to do with Macron?

He just went to China and said he hopes China helps negotiate peace in Europe.

From the New York Times:

President Emmanuel Macron of France, speaking at the start of a three-day visit to China, said Wednesday that Beijing could play a “major role” in bringing peace to Ukraine, and made clear that he would urge the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, to get deeply involved in this effort.

His aim over meetings Thursday and Friday with Mr. Xi was to “relaunch a strategic and global partnership with China” and so engage the country in a “shared responsibility for peace and international stability,” Mr. Macron said.

Addressing a gathering of the French community in Beijing, Mr. Macron insisted that the differences over political systems that make Europe and China “rivals” should not lead to the “decoupling” and “escalating tensions” that some regard as inevitable.

“I do not believe, and do not want to believe, in this scenario,” he said.

It would appear that Macron is trying to put outside pressure on Biden to start negotiations. But the fact that Macron went to China to do it shows a lack of confidence in the Biden administration, and our influence is wavering.

Biden is teetering on causing America to lose the number one spot in the world, and he only has himself to blame.



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