Man Arrested & Charged After More Chaos At NYC Subway

On the subway in Brooklyn, a man was harassing passengers and allegedly punched a woman.

Jordan Williams, of Queens, was with his girlfriend on the subway when Devictor Ouedraogo began “harassing multiple passengers while acting belligerent and erratic toward others on board.”

One of those people being harassed was William’s girlfriend, and a source says Ouedraogo assaulted her. A scuffle led to Williams, 20, stabbing Ouedraogo, which ended up being fatal.

All Williams said to Police was “yes” after asking him if he stabbed Ouedraogo in self-defense. He has been charged with manslaughter and weapon possession.

Funny, we hadn’t heard a peep from the left about this case, unlike when Daniel Penny was arrested for defending subway passengers. AOC has been strangely quiet about this event.

The woke mob is nowhere to be found.

Williams has joined a list of growing Americans that have been either charged or convicted of defending themself in 2023 by Soros District Attorneys.

Sgt. Daniel Perry, 33, was convicted of defending himself in Austin, Jose Alba was charged for defending himself during a robbery, Daniel Penny, and now Mr. Williams are all in trouble because they were defending themselves.

Then the words of Vice President Kamala Harris come back to haunt us when while overseas, hinted what the plan is.

They want to outlaw self-defense.

The Vice President of the United States claiming Americans’ ability to defend themself should be revised. Note she adds, “We have to look at the whole picture.”

There you have it. If they can’t dump the 2nd Amendment, they will make it illegal to defend yourself.


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