Mar-a-Lago Raided by FBI Over Nat’l Archives Complaint

As the national political divide continues to grow, the Democratic Party is in need of a serious attitude adjustment, lest they wish to further rile the MAGA Movement and doom themselves in both the 2022 and 2024 elections.

But, in typical Democratic fashion, the Biden administration has just shot the entire party in the foot.

Former President Donald Trump said on Monday that FBI agents had searched his Mar-a-Lago club and residence in Palm Beach, Fla., and opened his safe.

The FBI and Department of Justice declined to comment, although Eric Trump said Monday night that he was told the search was related to the possible mishandling of government secrets the Justice Department is known to be investigating after the National Archives retrieved White House records from Mar-a-Lago.

The younger Trump was furious.

“The purpose of the raid was, from what they said, was because the National Archives wanted to corroborate whether or not Donald Trump had any documents in his possession,” the former president’s son told Fox News. “And my father has worked so collaboratively with them for months. In fact, the lawyer that’s been working on this was totally shocked. He goes, ‘I have such an amazing relationship with these people and all of a sudden, on no notice, they send 20 cars and 30 agents?'”

The move incensed Republicans near and far, and sent a river of angst flowing forth on Twitter, within the right wing media, and on Capitol Hill.


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