McCarthy Absolutely Devastates RINO – WATCH

Romeny thought he was being cute, instead, the man is being humiliated.

The Senator from Utah thought he could get some points with liberals and mock Rep. George Santos.

Santos just ignored the Senator.

After Mitt ran to CNN to whine Santos swung back again.

After running to CNN, Santos has some words for the Senator.

You know this got under Romney’s skin. Remember, it was Romney who had created another Twitter account to praise himself and drive up his approval numbers.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy was asked about the drama and he gave a great response.

“Romney should be disappointed that [Rep. Eric] Swalwell [(D-CA)] hasn’t resigned,” McCarthy prodded.

Santos has a lot of explaining to do but he’s easy pickings which is why Romney went after him.

Romney is a bully. The Senator from Utah is not going to go after somebody that he thinks is going to push back.

Glad McCarthy pointed that out.


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