McCarthy Rips Biden In Just 52 Seconds – WATCH

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy just torched Biden in 52 seconds.

As the budget deal looms Biden has been unwilling to negotiate with Republicans and he still hasn’t taken a meeting with McCarthy. Despite this Biden has goaded McCarthy asking for his plan but is not willing to hold negotiations.

On March 28, 2023, Biden wrote McCarthy a letter demanding that the Republicans present a budget.

“My hope is that House Republicans can present the American public with your budget plan before the Congress leaves for the Easter recess so that we can have an in-depth conversation when you return,” Biden wrote in response to a letter from McCarthy who told the president they will not leave the debt ceiling wide open.

“As I have repeatedly said, that conversation must be separate from prompt action on the Congress’ basic obligation to pay the Nation’s bills and avoid economic catastrophe,” Biden wrote. “I look forward to your response, to eliminating the specter of default, and to your budget.”

What Biden wants is the Republicans to raise the debt limit without any controls so he can continue to spend. Should Biden continue his policies he will drive up debt and inflation.

After Biden’s letter, which he publically released, McCarthy posted the 52-second video below calling him out.

Of course, Biden still thinks he’s cut the deficit.

Folks, if this is working, I don’t want to see failing.


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