McCarthy Wrecks Biden W/Savage Fact Check – WATCH


Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy absolutely crushed Biden.

Biden has already gone out screaming that Republicans will cut Social Security and Medicare.

“House Republicans are threatening to cut Social Security and Medicare, putting the dignity of millions of Americans who rely on these programs at risk. I won’t stand for that. We ought to strengthen these programs – not gut them,” Biden wrote on social media.

You’ll note that Biden’s post was on February 5, 2023. However, in the video below, McCarthy made the following statement before he met with President Biden on February 1, 2023.

Biden’s post was flagged as misinformation and fact-checked in real-time. Under the old Twitter regime, this never would have happened.

Below is what Biden’s post looks like on the app.


The White House readout of the meeting on February 1 said that “President Biden underscored that he is eager to continue working across the aisle in good faith, after passing historic bipartisan laws during his first two years in office.”

So much for good faith when five days later, he’s fear-mongering.

The lie being perpetuated by Democrats seems to be the current talking point.



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