McConnell Shows True Colors, Try’s To Censor Tucker Carlson – WATCH

As many of you know, Tucker Carlson has most of Washington DC freaking out. In just two episodes, he has debunked many myths propagated by Pelosi’s 1/6 committee.

Additionally, the video will more than likely overturn convictions.

The day after Carlson’s first video, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer went to the Senate floor and demanded the host be silenced.

RINOs like Adam Kinzinger were in a panic that their selective editing was exposed.

Regardless of the freakout, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy stood firm.

But it was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that showed his true colors. The Republican “leader,” that likes to be part of the uniparty in Washington DC, went after Tucker.

He showed his true colors.

McConnell doesn’t want you to see the video of the Shaman being led around the Capitol with two police officers.

That video alone creates a whole bunch of questions.

First, why wasn’t the Shaman arrested on the spot? At one point, he was in the presence of six other officers. Second, why were the officers following him around the Capitol building, seemingly giving him a tour? Third, have these officers been disciplined for their inaction? Why didn’t these officers testify before Pelosi’s 1/6 Committee? Why didn’t Pelosi hold these officers accountable for leading around this attack on democracy (sarcasm)? It’s not like she didn’t have the video.

Another revelation came when Tucker showed a video of Officer Brian Sicknick.

Democrats are also mad that Tucker exposed how the committee selectively edited a video of Senator Josh Hawley.

There is a solution to this.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Speaker McCarthy should make all the videos from 1/6 available to the public and be 100% transparent with the American people.


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