Meadows Kowtows to DOJ in Latest Superfluous Subpoena Charade

To put it simply:  The Biden administration has got nothin’.

Their entire “case” against former President Donald Trump is a charade.  A hoax.  A game.  They haven’t brought any charges against The Don because they can’t.  What they’re doing these days is simply harassing his colleagues and confidantes in order to scare voters away from Trump and the MAGA Movement by creating a whole lot of somewhat-worrisome noise.

This week was no different, as former White House staple Mark Meadows appears to be complying with another DOJ subpoena.

A number of legal experts and political commentators have highlighted the potential problems for Donald Trump following reports that his former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows has complied with a subpoena under the Department of Justice (DoJ)’s investigation into January 6.

Meadows handed prosecutors the same documents that were requested via a subpoena also issued to him by the House Select Committee investigating the events leading up to the insurrection, according to CNN.

This latest publicity stunt is a clear escalation on the part of the DOJ.

Meadows is now the highest-ranking Trump official known to have responded to a subpoena as part of the federal investigation into January 6, with experts highlighting possible legal issues this could mean for the former president.

By tainting Trump’s inner circle with subpoenas and headlines, the DOJ and the Deep State behind it wants the nation to have doubts about re-electing Trump, or sending any of his ideological peers into public service.

But, until Trump himself is charged, this is all just sound and fury signifying nothing.


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