Media Gives Biden A New Nickname

Well, gotta say, I didn’t have this one on my bingo card.

For a while now, the media was trying to sell America a bag of goods that Joe is a nice grandfatherly man who is stoic.

However, history would say otherwise.

Who could forget Biden losing his cool during his run for president in 1988. Then Senator Biden lost it on a man who wanted to know where he went to law school.


Let’s not forget what took place during a Biden 2020 visit to an auto factory. The then Democratic presidential primary candidate got into a tense exchange with a worker and swore at him. Lucky for Joe, a few days later he was able to hid in the basement the rest of the year.

The worker accused Biden of “actively trying to end our Second Amendment right.”

Biden immediately responded: “You’re full of s—.”

Following an Axios report detailing Biden’s profane outbursts during White House meetings the media gave him a nickname.

Believe it or not, it was Axios that nicknamed him “old yeller.”

What’s the change? Who knows, I wouldn’t try to figure out what the press is doing but it’s sure funny.


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