GOP Congressman Rescues 32 Americans In Israel

There are many Americans attempting to get out of Israel as war has broken out and the country is being hit with rockets every day.

As a result of the war, Mexico rushed 276 nationals out because commercial flights had largely been canceled due to rocket attacks.


What’s the Biden administration doing? Nothing.

If you want to leave, get a flight.

Except you can’t because US airlines have suspended flights.

In an incredible show of bravery and resilience, Republican Florida Congressman Cory Mills has traveled to Israel to rescue 32 Americans awaiting help as Hamas, an Islamist carder, invaded Gaza and massacred civilians.

Mills spoke with FOX News to provide an account of the ordeal, though he did not provide any details due to the secrecy of the operations and security constraints.

The former Army officer also noted that he had help evacuate U.S nationals from Afghanistan during President Biden’s withdrawal, going on to call out the Biden Administration for their failure to promptly evacuate Americans from Israel, with some reportedly finding themselves trapped in areas that lack a safe environment for escape.

Amid the chaos, some Americans had reportedly found little-to-no help from the bureaucracy, a situation Mills felt personally obligated to step in to time.

“The American spirit remains alive and is being shown by all efforts that are stepping up to help both Americans trapped in Israel and the Jewish State itself,” Mills said.

Mills’ mission is ongoing, with reports that 16,000 Americans are due to be evacuated in the next two days. However, Mills also warned of potential counteroffence from Hezbollah, a powerful proxy group, and other paramilitary groups that could put a damper on rescue efforts.



The Biden administration may help but Americans will have to sign a promissory note. The Biden admin is spending money like crazy but we can’t spend some money getting Americans trapped in a war zone?


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