More Biden’s Neck Deep In Funny Money Says House Committee

They “follow the money,” and it looks like it leads straight to Joe Biden.

The House Oversight Committee reported on march 16, 2023, that they’d obtained banks records showing money was transferred from a Chinese energy company to the Biden’s.

“Bank records we’ve obtained reveal Rob Walker, a Biden family associate, used his company to transfer money from a Chinese energy company to Hunter Biden, James Biden, Hallie Biden, and an unknown “Biden,” the committee wrote in a social media post.

The House committee reported that on march 1, 2017, two months after Joe left office, Robinson Walker, LLC received $1,065,000 from CCP-run HK Limited.

Robinson Walker LLC was associated with Hunter Biden’s business partner James Gilliar. After Gilliar’s company received the payment incremental payments were made to James Biden, Hunter Biden, and Hallie Biden. There is also a fourth account identified to an unknown “Biden” who received some of the payments.

Below is the report from the House Oversight Committee.



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