NASA Concerned that China Could ‘Take Over’ The Moon

Of all of the dastardly ways in which China is attempting to control the world economy, at least we’ve been able to say that their uncouth plans for the planet have all remained terrestrial.

Well, at least until now.

The head of Nasa is worried China may claim the moon as its own territory – and prevent the US from landing there again.

‘It is a fact: we’re in a space race,’ the current Nasa Administrator, Bill Nelson, said in an interview.

‘And it is true that we better watch out that they [China] don’t get to a place on the moon under the guise of scientific research.’

And then…

‘And it is not beyond the realm of possibility that they say, “Keep out, we’re here, this is our territory,”‘ Nelson added.

The NASA chief has already seen enough evidence of how China operates.

‘If you doubt that, look at what they did with the Spratly Islands,’ he said in the interview with Politico.

China has conjured a massive increase in effort and results when it comes to space exploration, and there is no telling what sort of trouble they might be planning to get into outside of this earthly atmosphere.


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