NATO Draw Criticism After Social Media Post

Seriously who thought this was a good idea?

Putin invading Ukraine is a big deal, and the US involvement is a big deal, and sometimes it feels like people don’t understand the gravity if the escalation continues.

The left and the right have both criticized Biden after he said we’ll be in Ukraine for as long as it takes. People want to know what the objective is and what the plan is outside of writing a blank check to Zelenski.

Additionally, neither side seems interested in peace talks and no one even wants to bring up having a summit.

Then there is this NATO post, and they are getting hammered for it.

In a social media post NATO explained, ” Ukraine is hosting one of the great epics of this century. We are Harry Potter and William Wallace, the Na’vi and Han Solo. We’re escaping from Shawshank and blowing up the Death Star. We are fighting with the Harkonnens and challenging Thanos.❞

Given the gravity of the refugees created by this war alone, can we at least talk like adults?

NATO was quoting a piece written by former Ukrainian journalist – now soldier – Pavlo Kazarin.

Tensions between Russia and Europe haven’t been this strained since the Cold War and it feels like the Harry Potter references aren’t appropriate.

How quickly people forget the horrors of nuclear weapons and why both sides worked hard to stop the Cold War from going hot.

The social media post sounds like some of the crazy statements that Vice President Kamala Harris uses when she tries to speak.

Posobiec has a point…

After all, look who else is a Harry Potter person.


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