Biden Has New Focus

There was an interesting report that came from the Wall Street Journal and CNN.

It discusses that Democrats in Michigan are nervous about Biden’s standing in the state.

As I read through the report, I noticed something glaringly missing…Joe’s talking points from only a few weeks before the report.

You may remember there were a lot of reports following Biden’s speech using the talking points that Trump is a threat to democracy.

Joe’s campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said, “Our message is clear, and it is simple: We are running a campaign like the fate of our democracy depends on it. Because it does.”

“There, the president will make the case directly that democracy and freedom — two powerful ideas that united the 13 colonies and that generations throughout our nation’s history have fought and died for a stone’s throw from where he’ll be Saturday — remains central to the fight we’re in today,” said Quentin Fulks, a deputy campaign manager.

After Biden’s early January speech, there were rumblings from some Democrats and moderate Republicans that Biden was concerned about the plan.

Well, I don’t know if it was pressure or internal polling, but the Biden campaign appears to be already switching gears.

As one reads the entire WSJ report about Michigan, there’s something glaringly missing.

Biden’s talking point about Trump, they’ve already shifted.

Now, the campaign is focusing on abortion.

From ABC News:

When Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said recently that he was “proud” to have a hand in overturning the abortion protections enshrined in Roe v. Wade, Democratic pollster Celinda Lake took it as a political gift, thinking to herself, “Oh my God, we just won the election.”

It may not be that simple, but as the 2024 race heats up, President Joe Biden’s campaign is betting big on abortion rights as a major driver for Democrats in the election. Republicans

Three weeks into the year and Biden is already changing themes.

Note that Biden is still not campaigning on his accomplishments. If anything, Roe v. Wade being overturned was his fault. When he took office in 2021, the Democrats had control of the House and Senate. The Democrats, led by Joe Biden, could have passed any bill they wanted.

But they didn’t.

However, Roe v Wade motivated the left during the midterms, and it certainly is a factor.


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