New Poll Shows Americans Still Unhappy with Biden Economy

Joe Biden’s time in office has been far from perfect.  In fact, for many, it’s been far from acceptable, particularly as our economy continues to spiral out of control.

Inflation has been a constant issue during Biden’s rein, and he’s also overseen the highest per gallon gas prices that our nation has ever seen.  Americans are truly suffering under Joe Biden, and a new poll shows just how annoyed the nation has become.

Americans continue to “maintain a sour view on the state of the economy” and have little hope of it improving. Negative public opinions are driving President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings across most categories, ABC News reported on Sunday.

Just how bad is it?

A new ABC News/ Ipsos poll shows that 69 percent of Americans believe the economy is worsening, 18 percent say it is staying the same, and only 12 percent think it is improving. Almost half of Democrats and a majority of Republicans and independents agree the economy is declining, as do 64 percent of those who say they are “very enthusiastic” about voting in the midterms.

Americans’ opinion of Biden’s handling of the economy is overwhelmingly negative, with only 37 percent who report being satisfied. Sixty-two percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy, and 69 percent disapprove of how he is handling inflation.

“On both issues, a majority of independents disapprove of the job Biden is doing (66 percent and 73 percent on the respective issues),” the poll report states.

Biden has been unable to breach the 40% mark on his approval ratings either, making his constant insistence on running for President again in 2024 seem wholly inappropriate.


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