New Poll Shows Disney Is Sinking

No, this isn’t hyperbole. The “Magic Kingdom” is quickly turning into the “Tragic Kingdom.”

They were once considered the gold standard for family entertainment now, they are almost unrecognizable and the company can only blame themselves.

A new poll released by Rasmussen has found that almost half of the country has a disfavorable opinion about Disney.

From Redstate:

Nearly half the country looks at Disney in disfavor. Polling shows 51 percent of America sees Disney in a favorable light while 22 percent have a very favorable opinion of it.

Meanwhile, 40 percent have an unfavorable opinion of Disney while 21 percent have a very unfavorable opinion.

While a majority still sees Disney in a positive light, this doesn’t necessarily mean Disney should relax. The issue becomes glaring when you break these numbers down to political affiliation, you find that conservatives largely don’t like Disney and that’s a huge problem.

According to the poll, 60 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable opinion of the company with 35 percent having a “very unfavorable” opinion. Democrats have almost a mirror opposite view with 61 percent favorability and 29 percent unfavorability.

That’s a huge issue because conservatives have the most children and would be spending the most money at Disney.

A report from Fatherly in 2018 backs up the claim:

Liberals are not having enough babies to keep up with conservatives. Arthur Brooks, a social scientist at Syracuse University, was the first to point this out all the way back in 2006 when he went on ABC News and blew blue staters minds. “The political Right is having a lot more kids than the political Left,” he explained. “The gap is actually 41 percent.” Data on the U.S. birth rate from the General Social Survey confirms this trend — a random sample of 100 conservative adults will raise 208 children, while 100 liberal adults will raise a mere 147 kids. That’s a massive gap.

Disney CEO Bob Iger has even commented on this and said that he will be moving the company away from the culture war.

There’s a signal that this may be happening for at least the big movie companies as well and it was buried in the new agreement to come out of the strike in Hollywood.

Bounding Into Comic had a great detailed analysis on this.

In summary, they reported that the new deal with the writers guild would shut out a lot of the young radical writers in Hollywood. It’s a long piece but worth the read.

However, it’s evident, so goes Disney goes the rest of Hollywood.


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