New York Imposes Gas Stove Regulation

New York’s Governor is doing doing Biden’s bidding and will be imposing a ban that the Biden administration floated.

The state has become the first in the U.S. to ban gas stoves and other fossil fuel appliances in new buildings in an effort to fight climate change. The new restrictions will go into effect in 2026 and were voted into law on Tuesday in the state budget.

This new law is an ambitious move by the state of New York to tackle the ongoing issue of climate change. The state is boldly banning gas stoves and other fossil fuel appliances in new buildings. The ban will first apply to buildings below seven stories and will be extended to the rest of the buildings in 2029.

The law did grandfather in existing stoves and furnaces and will only apply to new buildings that are yet to be constructed. This means that if you already have a gas stove in your home, you won’t be forced to replace it.

That fact that we had to include “you won’t be forced to replace” your stove is absolutely ridiculous. In America, you can no longer own the things you want.

Additionally, the new law includes some exemptions, including backup generators, laboratories, car washes and commercial food establishments that are powered by fossil fuels.

Remember, this came to light all because of one study.

Meahwhile in a red state they’ve banned more than a dozen investment firms that engage in woke investment.

The state of Oklahoma has banned BlackRock and JPMorgan Chase – including others – from doing business with the state because of their politics.


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