Nikki Haley To Disney: ‘My Home State Will Happily Accept Your…’ – WATCH

Republican presidential primary candidate probably just killed a a lot of support she had from the base.

The former governor from South Carolina also seemed to have done it in record time, a little over a minute.

Many of you know that Governor Ron DeSantis has been in a battle with Disney and is…frankly, winning. The woke company’s last-ditch effort is to sue the State because their latest attempt was overturned.

From Forbes:

The board overseeing Walt Disney World’s special district, made up of officials appointed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), voted Wednesday to revoke a controversial development agreement Disney made before their appointment that takes away much of the board’s power, prompting Disney to file a lawsuit against the state and board in federal court.

The board voted unanimously at a public meeting to declare the development agreement “void and unenforceable,” directing the special district’s attorneys to “commence litigation” that would complete the process of nullifying the agreement and prohibit its enforcement.

After the vote, Disney filed the lawsuit.

Then Haley came out to support Disney and told them to come to South Carolina.

Her comments didn’t go over well.

On top of that, a viral picture shows that Bud Light was served at an RNC event.


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