Now Gisele Fetterman Seen Fighting Fire – WATCH

While her husband recovers at Walter Reed hospital, being “visited daily by staff and family,” his wife appears not to be one of them.

First, Gisele fled the country with her kids after reporters started asking questions about Fetterman’s status.

Then she played the victim card.

Now she is playing dress up.

From People:

Gisele Barreto Fetterman, whose husband is freshman Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman, stepped in to fight a dangerous blaze in East Pittsburgh.

Gisele was seen with her fellow firefighters at the scene of the three-alarm fire early Tuesday. Wearing her full gear, Gisele walked through the area while on the phone in footage captured by Pittsburgh Action News.

The former second lady of Pennsylvania joined the Rivers Edge 113 crew in December. She announced the move on Facebook in mid-December, sharing a snap of her rocking her gear and standing in front of a fire truck.


Never seen anything like this in my life.


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