Obama Comments On Joe Says Report

As 2023 approaches its end, it’s apparent that the coming year could be a pivotal one for President Joe Biden, with challenges spanning from the political to the personal.

An array of crises, including concerns surrounding the president’s age, immigration, Israel policy, and his economic plan, coupled with distractions associated with son Hunter Biden’s media presence, has led to a cloud of uncertainty over Biden’s prospects in 2024.

Among those reportedly apprehensive is none other than former President Barack Obama. According to the Wall Street Journal’s report, based on an anonymous source, Obama is skeptical about the incumbent’s chances in the next election.

This skepticism spawns from the Democrat party’s potential vulnerability, Trump’s current lead in several key swing states and the consequences of an alternative leader on democracy, as perceived by Obama.

Moreover, President Biden finds himself not only trailing former President Donald Trump in major polls but also facing mounting criticisms about his leadership abilities. A Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll suggests Trump has a considerable lead in seven crucial swing states, intensifying concern among Democrats about the chances in 2024.

This expressed apprehension aligns with some voices in the Democratic party urging President Biden not to seek reelection. For instance, public figures like David Axelrod, former senior advisor to President Obama, and political commentator Bill Maher have raised concerns about Biden’s potential to lose to Trump, resulting in calls for a fresh, younger candidate to take up the mantle in 2024.

According to a recent New York Times/Siena College poll, Axelrod suggested Biden’s resolve to run is firm, but noted his current standing could “send tremors of doubt” within the Democratic Party. He emphasized a genuine, rather than unjustified, worry about the president’s re-election prospects.

Additionally, Maher highlighted the potential danger in Biden pursuing re-election. He cautioned that such a move might risk handing the country back to Trump and potentially mar Biden’s historical legacy – a sentiment echoed by conservative figures such as Bill Kristol.

However, it’s important to note that the dynamics of politics can be unpredictable. As Axelrod reminded, many things can happen in a year that no one can predict.

For now, it appears that questions about Biden’s re-election are mounting, not just from the opposition, but from those within his own party. Only time will tell how these concerns play out as we approach the crucial year of 2024.



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