On LIVE TV Biden Official Crucifies Buttigieg – WATCH


I don’t know what’s going on inside the Biden administration but Mayor Pete has bigger problems than he realizes.

Biden appointee has now thrown Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg under the bus twice. Once on social media and once on live TV with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Initally, Buttigieg blamed the Trump administration for the derailment.

“You know, the sort of theatrics of Donald Trump being in Palestine were odd, but this is a community that voted overwhelmingly for him. The county that Palestine is in voted 71/29 for Donald Trump. I want you to reflect on the irony. In 2016, it was 68/26. This is a Trump county. What do you make of the fact he went there despite the fact the regulations he rolled back were partly responsible for this tragedy?” MSNBC’s Joy Reid asked.

“It was definitely an ironic thing to do. You take down regulations, you water down regulations, you weaken the power of the administration to deal with freight railroad companies, and then you show up wanting to be a great friend of the people who have been impacted by a rail disaster,” Buttigieg responded.

He continued, “You know, this is somebody who as far as I know never went to a derailment site when one of those happens on his watch. And there were thousands. Even ones with fatalities. Never even sent his Transportation Secretary to go. Now that it’s campaign season, I guess things are different. We were there to work. We were there to get things done.”

That is now the second time that Buttigieg has blamed Trump however, it’s fake news.

In a social media thread, Homendy highlighted an argument about the type of brakes the train supposedly would have had if the Department of Transportation wouldn’t have withdrawn a rule under then-President Donald Trump. Current Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has pointed to that rule, saying it has constrained him and his department.

However, Homendy pointed out that regardless of whether the rule was in effect or not, the train traveling through East Palestine that derailed on Feb. 3 wouldn’t have had the brakes.

As Pete ran to the arms of Joy Reid for safety Homendy appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper and threw the Transportation Secretary under the bus again.


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