Oregonians Furious as New Gun Law Infringes on 2nd Amendment

At this point in American history, there is no realistic situation in which the Second Amendment could ever be nullified, negated, or abolished.  Not only is the Constitution incredibly difficult to amend, (let alone in our current political climate), but the idea of some sort of federal gun confiscation programs has “Civil War II” written all over it.

And so, instead of taking a broad brush to the right to bear arms, the liberal left is hoping to deter Americans from owning guns by making it a nuisance.

The latest effort to muddy the waters comes to us from Oregon, where a new statewide law has citizens furious.

Gun enthusiasts in Oregon are scrambling to stock up on firearms before a new permit-to-purchase law goes into effect, drastically tightening gun regulations in the state.

Karl Durkheimer, the owner of Oregon’s Northwest Armory gun store just south of Portland, told Fox News that gun sales have hit a 30-year-high in recent weeks as Oregon residents await a judge’s ruling on whether the start of the strict permit-to-purchase law will be postponed amid Thursday’s deadline.

“Two things are happening. There’s fear they won’t be able to get a gun, but there’s the actual logistics that they won’t be able to do the background check,” Durkheimer said on “America Reports” Wednesday.

And it gets worse:

Sharing a photo of a jam-packed parking lot outside his shop, Durkheimer said Oregonians fear that if they don’t apply for a permit immediately, they may not get one in the near future.

“It’s going to take a year before an Oregonian has a permit,” Durkehimer said. “If the effective date of the permit happens in the next 30 days – let’s say, that’s what some of the judges have been talking about – effectively an Oregonian will not be able to buy a firearm anywhere in the United States. And that’s a violation of the Second Amendment. The Oregonians will lose their constitutional rights.”

Durkheimer estimates that over 36,000 Oregonians could already be seeing massive delays with their background checks, as state officials simply do not possess the resources to complete them in a timely manner.


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