Pelosi Throws A Tantrum After GOP Hits A Nerve

Clearly the GOP is getting under the now former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi because she lashed out during a recent interview.

Pelosi called Republicans “losers” while giving an interview to the left-wing news site The Advocate.

Pelosi told the outlet, “so many members of our community are scared right now given all the hateful legislation in state Houses all over the country, and all the dangerous rhetoric by Republicans.”

“Here’s what I think. I think they’re losers. They’re losers,” Pelosi said.

“They’re losing on guns. You know, we still don’t have the legislation we want, but the public is not really with them with all these mass shootings going on. People have had enough,” Pelosi said. “Young people are taking that issue on more and more each day. They’re growing more tired about all the inaction. They’re losing on women’s right to choose, which is a losing issue for them and was during the last midterm election.”

Does Pelosi mean the midterm election that ousted her as Speaker? 

Did the Republicans underperform during the midterms? Yes. But take a look at what happened in North Carolina. That was a state Obama worked hard to flip but in 2022 the GOP won key races and now the legislator has a GOP supermajority to battle with a Democrat governor. 

After rhetorically asking, “So, what do they have?” Pelosi stated, “So now they turn to the trans and drag communities because they think that that has some salience. I don’t know, does anybody really think that the drag issue is a threat? Of course not, so they’re going to lose on that too.”

Pelosi’s also mad that Republicans have been able to pass bills and vented about how she was able to get anything done when Democrats had the majority.

“It is frightening. Because it’s about hate. When we did the hate crimes legislation, now this was a number of years ago, and we had the majority, we couldn’t get the bills to come to the floor, and to be able to vote on it on the floor,” Pelosi said.

“And so, people came to me and said, If you take out trans, you can pass the bill in one minute,” Pelosi continued. “I said, if we take out trans, we’re not passing the bill, because I’m not taking out trans. That’s just the way it is. Now this was probably like 2008 and 2009, so it’s a while ago, but here we are again today. We just must be really forceful in speaking out.”



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