Pence ‘Notes’ End Up In Trump Indictment

The former Vice President is now being hailed as a “hero” by the left.

Former CNN personality and Washington Post writer Chris Cillizza wrote:

“Like him or hate him, Pence comes across as something of a hero in the pages of the indictment. Pence repeatedly rejected the increasingly-aggressive overtures from Trump even as it became clear that the president was going to turn his vice president into a scapegoat for the failed attempt to steal the election.”

One thing Cizzillia got right is that Pence has killed his political career. The former Vice President had harsh words for Trump when a whole new round of indictments were handed out.

But there’s more…

We know that Pence took notes of his conversations with Trump leading up to 1/6 and those notes are being used as evidence in Jack Smith’s indictments of former President Trump.

Smith used several discussions between Trump and Pence in his indictment against the former president.

One of those notes Pence recorded that was in the indictment gave a detailed account of a meeting with “Co-Conspirator 2,” Pence, Marc Short, the former chief of staff to the vice president, and Greg Jacob, former counsel to the vice president.”

“During the meeting, as reflected in the Vice President’s contemporaneous notes, the Defendant made knowingly false claims of election fraud, including, ‘Bottom line-won every state by 100,000s of votes’ and ‘We won every state,’ and asked – regarding a claim his senior Justice Department officials previously had told him was false, including as recently as the night before – ‘What about 205,000 votes more in PA than voters?'” the indictment alleges.

Pence took notes and then handed them over to the Biden which has now been used in an indictment against the former President.

The former Vice President didn’t mince words either when the charges were announced. In a very long social media post, Pence wrote:

Today’s indictment serves as an important reminder: anyone who puts himself over the Constitution should never be President of the United States.

I will have more to say about the government’s case after reviewing the indictment. The former president is entitled to the presumption of innocence but with this indictment, his candidacy means more talk about January 6th and more distractions.

As Americans, his candidacy means less attention paid to Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies afflicting millions across the United States and to the pattern of corruption with Hunter.

Our country is more important than one man. Our constitution is more important than any one man’s career.

On January 6th, Former President Trump demanded that I choose between him and the Constitution. I chose the Constitution and I always will.

As your president, I will not yield an inch in defending America, our people, or our values, and I promise you: I will do so in a way consistent with my oath to the Constitution and the character and decency of the American people. We will restore a threshold of integrity and civility in public life so we can bring real solutions to the challenges plaguing our nation.




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