Buttigieg Responds To Biden Picket Line Visit

Transportation Secretary Pet Buttigieg recently appeared on MSNBC  for an interview that showed that the administration is entirely adrift.

The MSNBC host asked Pete if Biden agreed with the demands that UAW workers want. Several reports say workers want a 40% pay increase and a 4-day work week.

Pete said he had no idea and just wanted to point to the optics of Biden using a megaphone.


How does the Transportation Secretary not know his boss’s policy position?

They are entirely adrift.

Pete, who seems to be hitting the news networks, also unintentionally undermined Biden’s border claims.

Buttigieg also said EV’s are coming no matter what.

Biden became the first sitting United State President to stand on a picket line. Joe was wearing a United Auto Workers union baseball cap and used a bullhorn to say employees deserved, “a hell of a lot more than what you’re getting.”

Biden agreed when asked if he agreed with the UAW worker’s demanding a 40% pay increase. So how does Pete not know Biden’s position unless he wasn’t paying attention?


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