Photo Of Trump Gets A Lot Of Online Attention

    There’s an image of Trump that appears to be real.

    Charly Triballeau took the photo for Getty Images, and it shows Trump waiving, but there are red marks on his hand that many speculate is blood or possibly a popped blister.

    There were marks on the former president’s thumb, palm, and index finger.

    As of the writing of this post the Trump campaign has not commented however, it had the left going nuts with crazy conspiracy theories.

    “Does Donald Trump have early-stage leprosy?” The Bulwark’s Tim Miller wrote on X, formerly Twitter, alongside a photograph of Trump’s hand.

    “What happened to Trump’s hand?” questioned the left-wing X account Patriot Takes. “It wasn’t like this in New Hampshire.”

    But it got even crazier than that.

    According to Forbes rumors were spread that the former President had the sexually transmitted disease syphilis.

    From Forbes:

    The blemishes were visible in photos of Trump’s right index finger, thumb and upper palm as he waved to cameras while departing his Fifth Avenue residence for his latest trial Wednesday, but hours later they had disappeared from photos and videos of him gesturing at a campaign rally in New Hampshire.

    The spots headlined the Drudge Report and have become a prominent talking point among politicos, with many guessing whether they were a symptom of sexually transmitted disease syphilis.

    While the markings could resemble syphilis sores, there is no actual evidence Trump has the disease.

    Democrat James Carville said, “They don’t look like cuts to me . . . I think there’s a good chance this man has the clap.”

    While on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” they speculated that the blemishes may have been from a magic marker, blood, or something that had been irritated when Trump slammed his hands on the table during testimony during his defamation trial.

    Doctors who were asked to comment said that it’s possible that Trump could have a rash or irritation from a plethora of things like the way he grips a golf club or even dry skin.



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