Photos Released Of Cocaine Incident

Photographs depicting the baggie of cocaine discovered at the White House this summer have been released following a Freedom of Information Act request from the Secret Service to the Daily Mail. The incident unfolded on July 2 when a Secret Service member found the baggie in a storage locker near the West Wing entrance, prompting an evacuation and emergency response.

Subsequent testing confirmed the substance as cocaine, as reported by the Secret Service to Fox News on July 5. Despite launching an investigation, the Secret Service closed the case on July 12, citing an inability to identify a suspect due to a lack of physical evidence.

President Biden was absent from the White House during the incident, being at Camp David at the time. His son, Hunter Biden, who has a history of substance abuse and is a recovered crack cocaine addict, was also at Camp David when the discovery was made. The area in the West Wing where the cocaine was found is reportedly utilized by both guests and staff.

In the announcement of the investigation’s closure, the Secret Service referred to FBI lab results that failed to produce latent fingerprints and contained insufficient DNA for investigative comparisons. The agency emphasized its inability to single out a person of interest.

The decision to conclude the investigation faced criticism from Republican lawmakers, with then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy suggesting differential treatment for the Biden family. McCarthy pointed to the extensive surveillance measures in place at the White House and insinuated a double standard in how incidents involving the Biden family are handled.

The release of the photographs and details surrounding the investigation’s closure is likely to intensify discussions and scrutiny, particularly within political circles, as questions persist about the handling of the incident and potential implications for the Biden family.

Fox News


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