Political Blame Game Begins In OceanGate Disaster

The CEO of OceanGate, Stockton Rush, has been thrust into the spotlight after the company’s missing submersible, the Titan, disappeared on a tourist expedition to the Titanic wreck.

Now the left-wing-leaning publication “The New Republic” is seriously trying to tie the Republican Party to the OceanGate disaster.

What’s crazy is that for this piece to exist someone had to be deliberate to the information. The team who wrote the piece had to research FEC records meaning this was done purposely to make the story politically polarizing.

The New Republic dug through public campaign finance records indicating that Rush has been a consistent Republican donor over the years. They found Rush has donated to now-former Republican Congressman John Culberson of Texas’ 7th district. This donation was to Culberson for Congress, with Culberson garnering a 100 percent scorecard rating from conservative Family Research Council, a 92 percent lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, and a 4 percent lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters.

In addition, Rush donated to Dino J. Rossi, an unsuccessful Republican candidate for governor, US Senate, and House of Representatives. Rossi served in the Washington State Senate from 2016-2017. FEC filings also list donations from the same Stockton Rush, though it’s uncertain if it is the same individual due to varying employers listed in the filings; these employers include “Remote Control Technology, Inc.,” “investor,” and “Mr. Oil & Gas Company.”

However, Washington state Democratic consultants do not regard Rush’s Republican donations as signs of megadonorship, but more leaning toward the right.

So not only did the left-wing writers dig up donations they contacted the Democratic party for more dirt.

Matter of fact, Rush is actually under fire over claims made by former employees regarding the safety of the Titan. The employee reportedly raised their concerns to Rush before being fired and then settled in court.

Additionally, we reported that the ocean exploration CEO indicated he may have used DEI-style hiring practices instead of hiring experts.

The OceanGate debacle is a tragedy and I’m sure that if anything nefarious took place those involved will be held accountable.

But let’s remember that sub is traveling to one of the most inhospitable places on the planet. If people want to pay to get into an experimental submarine and travel to the bottom of the ocean that’s on them. It’s called personal responsibility.

Now it is a whole different story if it comes out that OceanGate lied to their customers and ignored protocols. At the very least it appears that OceanGate didn’t hire based on skill, which when you are pushing boundaries can come back to bite you.

It’s too early to tell but the OceanGate tragedy seems to have occurred because of poor business decisions but it has nothing to do with politics.


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