Press Sec Attacked Over Response During MSNBC Interview

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is catching some heat after she fell apart during an interview on MSNBC with host, Chris Hayes.

Jean-Pierre attempted to defend Biden’s border policy after claiming that former President Donald Trump “gutted” the immigration system.

Funny don’t remember this happening during the Trump administration.

As KJP tried to talk her way out of mess it turned into 40 seconds of gibberish that would have made Kamala Harris proud.

“What we’re going to promise is that we’re going to do this. We’re going to move forward with a, with this kind of system, this immigration system, that has been gutted, really truly gutted, by the last administration,” she began.

She continued, “We’re gonna move forward and do it in a humane way. We’re gonna do it in a safe way. And we’re going to do it in the way that moves us forward. And so what we have been seeing, what we have been dealing with, again, is trying to fix the damage that the last administration do–did.”

“What we have done is we have opened the path to – we have opened the path to make sure that people have a way to get, to come through and to do it in a legal pathway,” she concluded.

Remember back in the good old days, like during the Trump and Obama administration when they would lay out points on how they would do things? Even if you didn’t agree with the plan it was a starting point. Not this group.

We are going to “Build, Back, Better,” they said.




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