Purple State Moving To Become The ‘Florida’ Of The Midwest

Liberals in the midwest are freaking out that a mainly purple state is moving to become the “Florida” of the midwest.

In a lengthy piece, the Washington Post is freaking out that the state of Iowa is quickly becoming Florida.

“Republicans in the Iowa legislature, empowered by the state’s recent ‘red wave,’ have embarked on an ambitious new agenda that includes a costly school choice bill and legislation targeting the LGBTQ community, a historic divergence from Iowa’s history as a civil rights bastion,” Washington Post reporter Annie Gowen wrote.

“A joke among statehouse reporters is that Iowa is becoming the ‘Florida of the North’ — without the beaches,” she added.

The Post went after Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, 10 times in the article, comparing her to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and claiming she is a culture warrior on “gun rights,” “school choice” and “abortion access.”

The paper also complained that she is fashioning a bill similar to the one that got Disney in hot water.

The Gowen cited politicians and activists opposed to Reynolds to make its case that the Republican governor was an “activist” leader.

“From about 2019 until this year, attacks on LGBTQ Iowans have been exponentially increasing,” One Iowa Action’s director of policy and advocacy Keenan Crow reportedly told The Washington Post.

“I believe it’s primarily because of the governor and her shifting priorities. It seems for whatever reason, she wants Iowa to be more like Florida.”

The state’s school choice legislation seems to have the left fuming.

On school choice, a former Iowa mayor accused Reynolds of becoming “extreme.”

“That’s a red flag when your head of government is primarying her own party. It is an indication that the ideologies are becoming more extreme,” former Indianola mayor Kelly Shaw said, according to The Washington Post.

“The governor has effectively removed her opposition, and that is pretty extraordinary,” Shaw added.

What has the left scared is that these are the same types of policies that brought GOP dominance in Florida and that’s starting to happen in Iowa.

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