WHOA: Putin Suggests He’s Rebuilding Defunct Empire

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has not only been unjust and inhumane, but also largely nonsensical, with the latter characteristic making it rather difficult for the world to react with any sort of succinct plan to stop Vladimir Putin.

Putin has suggested, oddly and repeatedly, that he’s looking to “denazify” Ukraine.  This wacky claim is easily debunked by the fact that Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenksy, is a Jewish descendent of Holocaust victims.

And, as if that were’t a wild enough suggestion, it now appears as though Putin is claiming that his goal is to rebuild an empire that hasn’t existed in decades, and was never part of his reign to begin with.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided that he is destined to “return and strengthen territories”.

Source: Putin after visiting the exhibition “Peter I. The Birth of an Empire”, quoted by the Kremlin media

Putin: “It would seem that he (Peter I – ed.) fought with Sweden, took something away… He didn’t take anything away. He returned… The same goes in the western direction, it concerns… his first campaigns there. What were you afraid of? He returned them, strengthened them. That’s what he did.

We also had to return and strengthen. If we assume that these core values are the basis of our existence, we have certainly succeeded in solving the challenges we face…”

And then…

“Russia will not step on the same rake as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, its economy will remain open.”

The Russian plan to invade Moldova next has been accidentally revealed on multiple occasions, including during an embarrassing newscast in which a map showing the Russian army invading Ukraine’s southwestern neighbor was filmed in Bulgaria some weeks ago.


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