Members Of Congress Want Pay Raise

Senator Elizabeth Warren is being very vocal that members of Congress and their staffers need to be paid more.

“Everyone working in government should be paid more: members of Congress and their staffs,” the Massachusetts Democrat said during an interview.

Since 2009, members of the House and Senate have been paid an annual salary of $174,000. That’s just the base pay and doesn’t include their benefits like healthcare and retirement.

By the way that’s more than 80% of what the average American household makes which hasn’t kept the pace with inflation.

So why do they need a pay raise?

“Congress should not be the plaything of multimillionaires and billionaires who’ve already secured their fortunes and don’t care about earning a living to support their families,” she added.

“I understand that no one wants to waste taxpayer dollars, but Congress needs to be more realistic about what it takes to attract the top people to public service across the board, and how to keep them engaged throughout their careers,” she said.

They want another $100,000 raise.

We have record inflation, groceries are incredibly expensive, and the ruling class whining about a pay raise. 

Senator JD Vance from Ohio opposes a raise for lawmakers but “strongly agrees” with paying staffers more said that senior staff are “almost always gonna get poached by a lobbying firm because we can’t possibly compete with their salary.”

“This is public service, you’re not going to make a lot of money serving in Congress,” said Vance. “If you’re going to serve in the United States Senate, you probably should accomplish something before you get here.”

Vance believes that members of Congress should be allowed to have bigger budgets so they can pay their staffers more.
“My view is that we should have substantially larger budgets,” said Vance.
Or how about this: Congress regulates the lobbyist. 
Republican Rep. David Schwekert of Arizona said the job is “miserable” but he would not endorse a pay raise.

“I sort of wish we were paid according to our work product — right now we would pretty much be paid zero,” said Schweikert. “And the reality is, we’re still paid better than most Americans.”



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