Report Claims Cali Target Could Face Fines

The retail big box store Target has found itself in a conundrum.

Yes, the company that thumbed its nose at conservatives and proudly supported woke policies has found itself facing fines from a California city’s legal department.

A Sacramento Target store situated at 2505 Riverside Boulevard in Land Park has been threatened with fines for becoming a public nuisance because they are calling the police and charging thieves.

The Sacramento Bee reported that officials told the store it could face administrative fines for daring to report crimes to the police.

According to Fox News, after State lawmakers learned about the proposed fines, they are advocating a set of 14 bills aimed at tightening the penalties for retail theft offenses. Their belief is that these laws will more efficiently address the issue than altering Proposition 47, which is currently under discussion.

How do you like that folks? Target virtue signals, slams conservatives, and ends up being threatened with fines for reporting crimes that they are victims of.

Oh, the irony.

As we previously reported Target made some big changes this year.

From Reuters via Yahoo News:

Target plans to offer the full assortment of the merchandise online but is examining store-level data to decide which physical locations will carry the products, the report said, citing people familiar with the matter.

Target is likely to stock the products in about half of its nearly 2,000 stores in the U.S., the report said.

The move comes after Target was forced to remove some items, including certain transgender swimsuits, from its LGBTQ+ themed collection last year after facing customer backlash and confrontations between customers and employees in some stores. Target blamed the backlash in part for a drop in its sales in its second quarter last year.

On Thursday, a Target spokesperson said it was committed to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride Month, which is celebrated in June, and year-round.

The company goes woke, slams conservatives, reports a crime and is now being threatened by officials for doing so.




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