Reality Crashes Into MSNBC

They did not see this coming and they can thank Bidenomics for it as well.

Listen, I’m uncomfortable celebrating when those affected are suffering. But I’m also reminded of how the left likes celebrating when prominent conservatives die.

Things are not going well at MSDNC (yes we know it’s MSNBC). They are getting hit with layoffs.

More than 200 employees of NBC News will be walking off the job to protest the company’s decision to lay off seven union-covered journalists last month. The walkout, which was organized by the NewsGuild of New York, is a signal of frustration with the way the company has handled the layoffs as well as other issues related to the union.

The NBC News Digital union has already filed an unfair labor charge with the National Labor Relations Board over the cuts, which it described as abrupt and illegal, and has also claimed that some digital staffers for MSNBC were told by management that they were no longer part of the union.

Layoffs are hitting all of the woke organizations.

The Washington Post, CNN, Disney, and others are dumping employees due because of Bidenonmics.

What do they expect when this is the type of content they put out? Just watch the crazy clip below.

It’s also ironic that all of these layoffs are happening under the Biden administration. We didn’t see mass layoffs like this under the Trump administration. You’ll also notice that layoffs are occurring in liberal fields like marketing (due to AI), media, and tech.


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