Joe Biden Asked About Maui & Gives Response

President Joe Biden decided to head to the beach as the state of Hawaii deals with the aftermath of a disastrous blaze that has essentially wiped out an island.

The horrific and devastating wildfires that are tearing through the beautiful island of Maui have already claimed over 93 lives, with the death toll expected to only climb higher. Search and rescue teams are desperately combing through the wreckage, desperately looking for those who have gone missing or were unable to get away before the fire swept in. Officials worry that the unstable structures and ash-filled debris make it difficult for crews to enter, not to mention the hot spots and smoke that create dangerous conditions for rescue and recovery.

The destruction that has been left behind has been described as an “apocalyptic” scene. Residents of the island are struggling to make sense of their loss, while many have banded together to help those who have been left homeless in the wake of the disaster. Questions still remain as to what sparked the wildfires and why warnings and preventative efforts were not implemented prior to the tragedy.

Officials with the Federal Emergency Management Agency are calling for patience as they try to locate all of those who have been affected by the fires. They are also asking families of those missing to submit DNA so they can aid with the identification process in the aftermath of the disaster. Unfortunately, many of the victims are still considered John and Jane Does for authorities, as they are unable to positively identify them.

Frustrated over the lack of action residents are doing what they can.

Meanwhile, Joe sat on the beach, and Bloomberg’s White House Correspondent Justin Sink reported Biden said, “no comment” when asked about the devastation on August 13, 2023.


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