Rep. Cori Bush Facing Challenger

Wesley Bell, a Soros-funded prosecutor, has announced his intention to challenge Rep. Cori Bush, a member of the “Squad” in Congress, in the upcoming primary. Bell, who was previously running for the Senate against Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), changed course and decided to challenge Rep. Bush after being passionate about her response to Hamas’ terrorist attack against Israel on October 7. Bell cited the need for steady and effective leadership in these turbulent times and emphasized that the 1st District was not receiving the leadership it required.

In addressing concerns raised by fellow Democrats about Rep. Bush’s response to the terrorist attack, Bell stressed that the Democratic Party’s stance did not align with her position. He noted the world’s precarious state and the need for effective leadership at the district, national, and international levels.

Bell expressed his support for Israel, emphasizing the importance of standing by allies and maintaining the door open for a two-state solution. He also condemned terrorist organizations like Hamas and supported Israel’s right to self-defense. Bell shared a personal experience from 2017 when he visited a kibbutz in Israel and witnessed the necessity of bomb shelters due to frequent sirens, reinforcing his commitment to Israel’s security.

It is worth noting that Rep. Bush, like other members of the Squad, voted against providing support for Israel’s Iron Dome, a missile defense system that intercepts and destroys incoming rockets. This has been a contentious issue in Congress.

Bell’s primary challenge to Rep. Bush has gained attention, but his connection to Soros-funded organizations may raise concerns among some. Earlier this month, Soros-backed groups were associated with protests in the Cannon House building in support of Hamas, a designated terrorist organization.

Rep. Bush has faced criticism for her stance on Israel and her voting record on resolutions related to the conflict. Despite her assertion that her resolution called out Hamas, critics argue that the resolution omitted any reference to the terrorist group. Additionally, Rep. Bush was one of nine House Democrats who voted against a resolution supporting Israel and condemning Hamas for its attack.



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