Biden Preps To Impose Universal Background Checks Says Report

Gun control activists have been trying to pass universal background checks for decades, and it appears they will do it.

If you remember, Republicans joined Democrats to vote for the Safer Communities Act, and Biden is going to use it To launch a series of executive orders. One of those orders is going to expand background checks for firearm purchases.

From CNN:

President Joe Biden’s campaign is preparing to make gun safety a central issue of his reelection campaign, and that will start with the official approval soon and big rollout of a new executive action to massively expand background checks for gun purchases, multiple aides involved tell CNN.

Long sought by gun safety advocates, the executive action, which Biden set in motion in March, would expand the definition of which gun sellers are required to comply with federal licensing and background check requirements. It is seen by both proponents and opponents as the most that can be done toward establishing universal background checks without new legislation. While it may be approved soon, White House aides are already planning a larger event to officially announce it with the president going into the fall, with more campaign-related events centered on guns likely as well.

As reported by CNN this would create a new definition of what profit is and there’s has been no information on how that would be defined.

If a firearm is worth $400 today but thanks to inflation is now worth $500 in a couple of years, is that profit? And how will federal regulators see that?

Even if the increases aren’t defined as profit it could cause a mess, which is going to prompt most people to sell the firearm through a store to avoid any issues with three letter agencies.

As the Biden administration looks to impose more regulation, popular YouTube influencer Brandon Herrera – who has 2.8 million subscribers – has decided that he is running for Congress.


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