RINOS Left Schiff Off The Hook

Think back to all the “leaks” and nonsense that were sourced from Rep. Adam Schiff during the four years former President Trump was in office.

Most of those “leaks” were discovered to be nonsense, thanks to the Durham report that officially debunked most of those myths.

With Adam Schiff leading the charge, the Democrats impeached Trump over a phone call.

After the GOP took control of the House, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna put forth a measure to sanction Schiff and fine him $16 million over his proven lies.

Well, thanks to 20 Republicans, Schiff will face no consequences.

From NBC News:

The House on Wednesday rejected a GOP-backed effort to censure Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., with almost two dozen Republican lawmakers bucking their party’s attempt to publicly rebuke him.

The House voted 225-196 to set aside the resolution, introduced by Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., to censure Schiff over his role in the House investigation into Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign.

Twenty Republicans joined Democrats in tabling Luna’s measure, effectively blocking a vote on the censure resolution itself. Two Republicans and five Democrats voted present.

It was 20 Republicans that voted to save Schiff and it’s confusing to understand why Rep. Thomas Massie is one of them.

At least Massie offered an explanation for his vote.

“If a simple majority of the House can lay claim to $16 million from one member of Congress, our Republic is doomed if Democrats ever get the majority back. Glad to see the author of the censure resolution is removing this provision from the resolution and going to try again,” Massie said.

The $16 million fine appeared to be the hang-up for most Representatives, and some Congressmen said that the fine violated the 27th and 8th Amendments of the Constitution.

According to Rep. Anna Luna Paulina her bill was not unconstitutional.


However, it appears the two (and others representatives) have come to an agreement and have something new instore for Schiff next week.


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