Russia Moves Nuke Capable of Striking US into Launch Position

As Vladimir Putin’s mental and physical health continue to deteriorate before the world’s eyes, there are some dangerous new possibilities that the international community is going to have to address.  Namely:  The serious threats of nuclear annihilation that the Kremlin is conjuring.

Putin has been waving his atomic appendage around for months now, first in an effort to keep any international interlopers from interfering with his invasion of Ukraine, and then in more subtle ways; intimating that there might be a plan to use a tactical nuke against the sovereign, neighboring nation that’s embarrassing Russia at every turn.

This week, however, Putin’s latest nuclear folly appears to be aimed in the direction of the United States.

VLADIMIR Putin has renewed his nuke threat against the West by appearing to ready a nuclear missile for launch.

Footage shows a huge Russian Yars rocket able to hit the UK and the US being loaded into a silo at a base near Moscow.

This was an elite device.

The intercontinental ballistic missile has a 7,500 mile range and when nuclear-armed is reportedly 12 times more destructive than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

It was seen in Russian propaganda being installed in a launch-pad using a special transport and loading unit – but there is no indication of any order for an imminent launch.

Making the situation all the more chilling is a recent test of an identical, non-atomic YARS missile just weeks ago.



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