Russian Media Says WWIII Has Already Begun

While there have been many experts, (and non-experts alike), suggesting that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could directly or indirectly spark World War III, there haven’t yet been any heads of state ready to declare such a thing.

And that’s to be expected.  It’s going to take the involved of China or North Korea or India to really get this show on the road.

But there are some in the Russia media who seem ready to declare it a done deal.

Russia’s state TV host and guests have said that World War III has started and noted Ukraine could be just the beginning of a potentially larger conflict with the West.

The Daily Beast’s Julia Davis shared a video Wednesday of a political scientist, commentators, politicians and the Russian state TV host speaking about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The statement was stark.

“Russian propagandists and government officials look beyond Ukraine and threaten the collective West on Kremlin-controlled state television: ‘WWIII had started.’ ‘Expect us,'” she wrote on Twitter as she shared the video.

Russia’s media is largely and strongly controlled by the Kremlin, of course, so there is a more than zero percent chance that this rhetoric was approved by someone in considerable power, which, of course, makes it all the more alarming.


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