Russia’s ‘Doomsday’ Nuke Goes Missing as NATO Issues Warning

For months on end, as Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine continues to falter mightily, the wild and bellicose rhetoric of the Kremlin has gone from bad to worse.

The latest saber-rattling gibberish from Moscow has Putin and his cretins in the Russian media suggesting that the Kremlin would be well within their right to use a nuclear weapon against the sovereign nation of Ukraine, or against any nations who would interfere with their illegal and immoral plans for Ukraine.

And while the west has largely dismissed those threats as posturing, NATO this week issued a terrifying new warning about a “missing” piece of Russia’s nuclear arsenal.

The reported warning comes as Russia is believed to have deployed some of its nuclear arsenals, including the world’s largest submarine, the Belgorod, which is capable of carrying Poseidon nukes, the so-called “weapon of the apocalypse.”

A train spotted carrying weaponry to the front lines was also thought to be run by the shadowy force responsible for the Kremlin’s nuclear arsenal.

Russia was quite cold when confronted with the information.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov refused to discuss the alleged NATO warning, dismissing the Times of London report as Western exercises in “nuclear rhetoric.”

“The Western media, Western politicians and heads of state are engaging in a lot of exercises in nuclear rhetoric right now,” Peskov said. “We do not want to take part in this.”

The Belgorod’s Poseidon torpedo is believed to be capable of producing a 500 meter-tall radioactive tsunami, that would presumably be used to destroy and irradiate the coastlines of the intended target.


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