Schiff Has A Bad Day On Capital Hill – VIDEO

Rep. Adam Schiff just made history and I don’t care what he says, he is fuming about it.

On June 21, 2023, the House voted to formally censor Rep. Adam Schiff making him just the 8th Congressional member to be censured since 1921.

Schiff was censured after the findings of the Durham report rebuffed the claims and behavior of the California Congressman during the Trump administration.

You don’t make as many appearances on cable news networks after a censure vote if you aren’t mad about it.

Before the vote, he had to run out and do a media appearance because during a hearing earlier in the day Durham handed him his lunch.

During a Congressional hearing, Schiff tried to bring up the Trump Tower meeting where dirt was supposedly offered on Hillary Clinton by the Russian honeypot but it was never followed up on. That was when Durham reminded him that he was spoofed by comedians in 2018. The callers told Schiff that they could provide provocative pictures and the Congressman took the bait. What Schiff didn’t realize was that he was being recorded and pranked.

Democrats threw a five-minute temper tantrum as well.



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