Schiff Is Not Happy About Possible Multi-Million Dollar Fine He May Get Slapped With


Unfortunately, RINOS has let Schiff off the hook, details below.

On June 13, 2023, Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna took the next step to punish Rep. Adam Schiff for his conduct while on the House Intelligence Committee during the Trump administration.

During his time on the Committee, Schiff appeared to be the orchestrated of several leaks that were proven to be false. As a result of his behavior Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy booted him from the Committee, and now he is facing an ethics probe that is going to cost him a lot of money.

Democrats are trying to shut the vote down but it doesn’t appear they can get enough votes, meaning the House could take up the measure on June 15.

“We will see what the floor schedule does and what the majority — what they’re going to put forward on that censure,” House Minority Whip Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) said in a brief interview.

Schiff isn’t happy.
“It’s an effort to distract from the president’s legal troubles and from their own dysfunction. But it’s also an attack on the institution. If they can censure and fine people for holding a corrupt president accountable, they hope to silence and intimidate others, but I’m not backing down,” the California Democrat said.
House majority leader Steve Scalise has given his support to the measure that would include a $16 million fine.

It seems to have Schiff worried enough that he ran to CNN to complain about it.

Twenty Republicans voted with Democrats. However, some details signal another vote will take place next week. Some Republicans were concerned about the measure’s constitutionality and the president of what Democrats could do should they retake control.

We break it down here.



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