Schumer Tucker Battle Heats Up Then Elon Jumps Into The Fray

One day after Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s challenge Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called for him to be censored.

Schumer was upset that Tucker debunked a lot of disinformation created by the Democrats.

For example, surveillance video showed he was led around the building by two officers who even tried to open locked doors.

Another myth was busted came when Tucker showed a video of Officer Brian Sicknick after Democrats claimed he was dead.

After Schumer demanded the host be censored, Carlson invited him on the show to discuss the video, but the Democrat Senator refused like a coward.

Then Elon jumped into the fray trolling Schumer.

In some ways, Tucker should thank Schumer. After the Senate Majority Leaders’ speech went viral, he guaranteed many people would google search Tucker’s show and tune in for night two.


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