Sen Mike Lee’s Face During SOTU Perfectly Sums Up Biden’s Speech – WATCH

If there was one look that captured Biden’s State of the Union speech, it was Senator Mike Lee’s.

The camera caught the look of Senator Lee when Biden was discussing the debt limit.

Biden said, “Under the previous administration, America’s deficit went up four years in a row. Because of those record deficits, no president added more to the national debt in any four years than my predecessor. Nearly 25% of the entire national debt, a debt that took 200 years to accumulate, was added by that administration alone.”

The line was meant to attack former President Trump but then Biden contradicted himself.

“How did Congress respond to all that debt? They lifted the debt ceiling three times without preconditions or crisis,” Biden said. “They paid America’s bills to prevent economic disaster for our country. Tonight, I’m asking this Congress to follow suit. Let us commit here tonight that the full faith and credit of the United States of America will never, ever be questioned.”

First of all, “congress raised the debt without preconditions or crisis?” What the heck is he talking about!? There was an international pandemic, and the government forced us all to stay home, followed by blue states locking everyone down for almost a year and a half.

Biden then asked congress to raise the debt limit so we can pay our bills. WHAT!? He basically just asked the bank to raise the limit of a maxed-out credit card so he can pay the bill on the credit card with the credit card.

Hence the look on Senator Mike Lee’s face which by the end of the speech most of had.

The New York Post had the best cover the day after speech the sums it up.


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