Singer Cardi B Clashes With NY Mayor Adams

Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B has voiced criticism against New York City Mayor Eric Adams for his announcement of significant budget cuts, particularly targeting the NYPD budget. In a livestream video shared on social media, Cardi B expressed concerns about the potential consequences of these cuts on her family and the Bronx community. She suggested that crime rates might escalate due to the reduction in the police safety budget.

The 5% budget cuts are the initial phase of Mayor Adams’ plan to address the city’s financial challenges, partly attributed to the costs associated with caring for asylum seekers. Cardi B, who hails from the Bronx, expressed worry about the impact on her neighborhood, highlighting the existing perception of New York as being dirty and predicting an exacerbation of the situation with the proposed budget cuts.

The rapper specifically mentioned the cancellation of police academy classes and sanitation budget reductions, expressing concerns about potential increases in crime and a surge in rat populations. Mayor Adams aims to implement cuts across various city departments, including $32 million from sanitation, $74 million from the FDNY, and $547 million from the Department of Education. Cultural institutions and street garbage cans in the outer boroughs are also set to face funding reductions.

Cardi B expanded her critique to the federal government, singling out President Biden for allocating funds to foreign wars in Ukraine and Israel while New York City faces budget cuts for essential services such as schools, libraries, police safety, and sanitation. She questioned the allocation of funds, emphasizing the challenges in funding crucial services within the country.

Mayor Adams defended the budget cuts, asserting that agencies had identified savings with minimal disruption to services. However, the plan has faced criticism, particularly from the Police Benevolent Association, expressing concerns about the potential impact on public safety and staffing levels.

NY Post 


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