Shaun Maguire Makes Announcement Amid Trump Update

    Hello everyone! Today, we’re diving into the whirlwind reactions from Americans following the jaw-dropping conviction of Donald Trump in his landmark criminal trial in New York. This historic verdict marks Trump as the first former U.S. president and presumptive major party nominee to be found guilty of a crime and the Democrats are already facing backlash.

    Trump was found guilty of falsifying business records related to a hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, who claimed she had a sexual encounter with Trump in 2006—a claim he denies. The jury concluded that Trump falsified 34 business documents to hide this payment before the 2016 election.

    Aaron, speaking from Birmingham, Michigan, couldn’t believe the verdict. He called it “absolutely insane” and felt more inclined to support Trump, seeing the trial as “election interference.” Similarly, Chase from the same town thought the verdict represented a “complete failure of our justice system” and believed it would only bolster Trump’s base.

    In Manhattan, emotions ran high outside the courthouse. A Trump supporter and native New Yorker labeled the verdict “despicable,” asserting that despite the legal outcome, Trump remains innocent in the eyes of many New Yorkers. Angel, another local, expressed shock but noted that the verdict would undoubtedly strengthen Trump’s base.

    Across the country, reactions varied just as widely. Tom in Whatcom County, Washington, wasn’t surprised by the conviction, anticipating more similar verdicts. He hoped it might make voters reconsider their choices, emphasizing the importance of character in leadership.

    Cora from Clovis, California, viewed the trial as politically motivated and remained steadfast in her support for Trump. Eric, also from Clovis, compared the situation to living in a “banana republic,” dismissing the charges as politically driven and criticizing the credibility of key witness Michael Cohen.

    There was another reaction: big donors and CEO’s are now coming out and supporting former President Trump.

    Also venture capitalist Shaun Maguire dropped some huge news.


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